Approval of Documents

  • Building application bought from this Institute shall be filled up.
  • Building Plans shall comply with the Kotte Sri Jayawardenapura Town Plan prepared by the Urban Development Authority.
  • As per the extent of area of the building, prescribed ******** charges shall be paid.
  • On the occasions when the proposed constructions consist of the ground floor and two more floors or more than that, while the Structural Details of Plans and the Design Calculations shall be forwarded having got them prepared and certified by a Chartered Engineer, a certificate too obtained from the said Engineer in which it has been mentioned that the said Chartered Engineer claims the responsibility for the said Structural Details and that the said building is constructed under his supervision.
  • Although the number of floors of the proposed building is less than the ground floor and two more floors, if the building is constructed on the relevant boundaries, the courses of action, to be taken to prevent the harm which may be caused to the properties situated in the adjacent lands as a result of the said constructions, shall be forwarded by getting the same certified by a Chartered Engineer.
  • A Photostat copy of the approved plan of land lots shall be forwarded together with the original copy. (Original copy may be received back after the same being compared with the photostat copy.)
  • For the purpose of the convenience of the Site Inspecting officers and the avoidance of any delays, a sketch correctly showing as to how to gain access easily and through a short cut to the development location and telephone numbers shall be forwarded. Further, the correct assessment numbers of the land shall be clearly displayed in the proposed land.
  • If an amended plan is to be submitted for approval on behalf of a building plan which has already been approved, the Plan which was originally approved and the Licence shall be compulsorily be handed over to this office for the same to be cancelled.
  • If the proposed construction consists of the ground floor and three more floors or more than that, a certificate of undisturbed possession obtained from the Chief Officer of the Fire Brigade of this Municipal Council shall be forwarded.
  • In obtaining access routes from public roads, while the relevant location should have been clearly marked in the Plan, on the occasion when there is a difference of levels
    between the roads and the lands, the Ramp to be constructed on such occasions shall be constructed to locate the same inside the land from the road.
  • As and when it is necessary, viz. Layout Plans, indicating vehicle parks for Housing Schemes / Commercial Buildings and so forth, shall separately be forwarded.
  • While all constructions putting up within the administrative limits of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Municipal Council shall be effected in conformity with the Plans and the Rules and Regulations relating to buildings of the Urban Development Authority, further details regarding general requirements mentioned above may be obtained having made inquiries from the Heads of the Planning Division.
  • Access roads and relevant facilities for disabled individuals should have been provided with.
  • A detailed Plan of the Cesspool shall be forwarded.
  • Recommendations from Secretary General of Parliament shall be obtained for the proposed building.
  • If the constructions are hoped to be used as condominium properties, recommendations of the Condominium Management Authority shall be obtained.
  • While the Building Application shall be submitted in conformity with the all relevant requirements out of the requirements mentioned above with a view to expediting the process of approving building plans, please kindly note that applications which do not fulfil either one relevant requirement out of the said requirements will not be accepted at all.
  • Certificate of conformity shall be obtained for the buildings.
    If the requirements mentioned above have been fulfilled, approval for the Building Plan may be obtained within 07 working days.