Approval of subdivision Plan of land

  1. Filling up of the Land Subdivision Application bought from this Institution.
  2. The application shall be signed by the owner himself or a person authorized to do so.
  3. The survey Plan which should be approved and a copy of the same (the copy should also be in the same size of the original one and shall be in conformity with the Rules & Regulations of the Urban Development Authority.) shall be forwarded.
  4. An approved copy of the original plans relevant to the Survey Plan which should be approved.
  5. Title Report or the title certificate obtained from the Assessment Branch of this Institutionshall be forwarded to prove the ownership of the land.
  6. A Photostat copy of the National Identity Card of the owner / applicant.
  7. If the land is a low land / paddy land or the same is located on the border of a canal, recommendations should have been obtained from the relevant Institutions.
  8. If there is a difference in the extent of the land more than that of the extent of the original land, relevant copies of Deeds shall be submitted.
  9. A sketch of the land indicating the road for gaining access to the land for inspecting the same, shall be submitted.
  10. ********** charges shall be paid in accordance with the amount of lots of the land.

    If the requirements mentioned above have been fulfilled, approval may be granted within 07 working days.