01. Reservation of play grounds (Angampitiya ground, Nawala Senanayake ground, Bandaranayakepura ground, Obesekarapura ground, Diyawannawa ground, Moragasmulla ground)

Necessary documents
 Requesting letter
 Photocopy of the I.D
 Relavant charges

(If the play ground reserves by the firm, request letter must be with the letter head)


 If the reservation has done by the person or firm, relevant request must be done to the mayor or municipal commissioner.
 After the approval of the mayor or municipal commissioner, if the reservation is doing by the person, he or she must hand over the copy of ID, approved request letter and the relevant charges.
 If the reservation is doing by the firm, the firm must hand over the approved letter head and relevant charges.

02′ Reservation of function halls (Swarna Silva function hall-Bandaranayakepura, Obeysekarapura function hall,Arunodaya Mawatha Community Center, Ananda Samarakoon Outdoor theater-Nugegoda)

Necessary documents
 Requesting letter
 Photocopy of the I.D
 Relevant charges


 To reserve a function hall, relevant request must be done to the mayor or municipal commissioner.
 After receiving the approval by the mayor or municipal commissioner, to reserve the function hall present the approved request letter, photocopy of the ID and relevant charges.

03. Giving fresh milk and sugar freely for Buddhist and non Buddhist religious schools’ students on Saturdays and Sundays.

Purpose : To gain a perfect and qualitative children generation by giving fresh milk on morning.

Dates of giving fresh milk : Saturdays and Sundays

Place of purchasing sugar : Co-operative Association
Place of purchasing fresh milk : NLDB
Quantity of religious schools : 39


Qualification to obtain fresh milk freely
 Religious schools situating in the division.

Request: by request letter

Giving fresh milk and sugar

 Recommendation of public utility committee
 Council approval
 Giving fresh milk and sugar

04. Donate Rs.2500/- as death donations for the public living in Kotte division

When a person dies who has voting power in the Sri Jayewardanapura division, the closest relative can obtain a donation.

Donated amount: – Rs.2500.00

 Application issue by the municipal council
 Requesting letter
 Photocopy of death certificate of the death persons’
 ID photocopy of the requester

Requester must fill the application issue by municipal council and get sign by the Grama Sevaka, Divisional Secretary and member of the council and hand over with the above documents.

Public Utility Department checks the above documents and present to the municipal commissioner approval. After receiving the approval, present to the accounting division by general voucher.

 Issue the cheque by accounting division
 Update the register

05. Admitting the children to Day Care and Pre School and carrying on the day today activities

There are two day cares and pre schools control by Kotte municipal council
 Welikada
 Nugegoda

Documents needed
 Request letter from father or mother
 Application given by day care
 Copy of the birth certificate of the child
 Service certificate of father and mother
 G.S. certificate to prove the settled place

Order of the admitting

 With the recommendation of the matron, according to the request letter get the approval of the municipal commissioner
 Issue the receipts for day care fees and deposit
 In case of leaving a child from day care, pay back the deposit amount by getting a request letter recommended by the matron

06. Donate Rs.40, 000/- to the registered elder’s home in Kotte division annually

 Elder’s home must registered in the divisional secretaries office
 Elder’s home must operated in Sri Jayewardenapura division

Maximum donation : Rs.40, 000/- annually
Tasks which giving donation : For the pilgrimage for worshipping

Necessary documents: – 1. Request letter recommended by divisional secretaries’ office
2. Accounts details for the elder’s home


1. Requesting donation – Request letter with the bank accounts details
2. Giving donation – Recommendation from financial committee approval by the council
Paying donation by the cheque

7. Donate Rs.50, 000/- to the Daham schools registered in Kotte division annually

 Sacred place must be registered in the divisional secretaries’ office.
 Religious school must be carried out in the sacred place itself.

Maximum donation amount: Rs.50, 000/- annually.

Donations given for

1. To develop the physical resources in the religious schools.
2. To conduct programs for developing spiritual qualities of children.


Request the donation: – Requesting letter with the bank accounts details.

Giving donation : – Recommendation of the finance committee
Council approval
Paying donation by a cheque

8. Changing the following restraining sentence of the deed which offer by the municipal council by obtaining the written approval of the western province minister of the subject’s

“Without the written approval of western province minister of the subject’s, restrain to sell, present, lease, transfer the ownership or changing the ownership any other way of the land or part of the land.”

9. Giving vocational training, sawing, embroding and painting to the low income holders by vocational training centre

 Can be applied by an application
 Let them know the date and time of the commencing courses by post cards

Purpose of the carrying out the courses

 Guide for the self employment and giving the knowledge for that low income earners in Kotte division

 These courses are free of charge.
 There is no age limits for the participants.
 Living in Kotte division